Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cutting Edge Diagnostics and Reliable Treatments in ADHD:

From Screening to Cognitive Testing,
from Meditation to Cognitive Training

Presented by Dr. John Milanovich, Ph. D., who will translate the neurobiology of ADHD into practical, real-world terms. We will investigate attention, memory, executive functions, and even sensory processes related to ADD and ADHD. We will also explore other diagnoses that can mimic ADHD, such as NLD or Bipolar Disorder, and discover what specific treatments truly match up with specific subtypes of ADHD. In the end, we hope to begin to understand ADHD from the INSIDE OUT, and leave with a better understanding of ways to address ADHD in every day life!

Dr. John Milanovich, Ph.D., is founder and director of MindMatters: Center for Cognitive and Social Development. He is a fully trained Neuropsychologist who has evaluated and treated individuals from infancy through senior years. He and his associates have strived to help parents and professionals in our community more fully understand ADHD, Autism, Asperger's, and Bipolar Disorder...from the INSIDE OUT.

January 26th, Tuesday night, 7-9PM
Forest Cove Office Complex
3007 Miller Rd (at the corner of intersection with M-14)
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

1st building on the right, up the stairs

Questions? Contact Kim Garver, kagarver@gmail.com or Vivianne Schnitzer, vsh@umich.edu


FEBRUARY 16TH "BRAIN GYM" by Katy Held, Certified Brain Gym Instructor
MARCH 30TH "ANIMAL ASSISTED THERAPY" BY Michelle McCarthy (Professional Therapy Dog Trainer) and Kathy Hinderer (Equine Therapy from MAC)
APRIL 27TH "YOGA AND MEDITATION" by Karen and David Coupland, Owners of Harmony Yoga in Ann Arbor
MAY 25TH "ANN ARBOR ACADEMY PRESENTATION" by Meredith Schindler, School Director
JUNE 29TH AND JULY 27TH "PARENTING WITH HUMOR" by Kevin Roberts, ADD Coach and lecturer

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